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Meet and Greet - March 28 at SM City Tarlac, 4PM

Meet and Greet - March 28 at SM City Tarlac, 4PM

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May Rhythm and Rap shirt ka na ba? Wag ng magpahuli! Order now! #bestseller

May Rhythm and Rap shirt ka na ba? Wag ng magpahuli! Order now! #bestseller

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It was a night they all deserve. After months of working dusk-to-dawn for a film that played for 8 weeks in the cinemas, it was party time. Because of their gigantic success, the movie outfit decided to treat the cast and crew to a three-day, two-night vacation at the most famous beach in the country, Boracay. This was their first night.

Booze was overflowing, and the party was getting hotter. It was her first time to be out of town with no parents, to be partying like this and to be drinking tequila. Julie knew this was a night of many firsts but she didn’t know there was more to come.

The young ones stayed together on one table; Lexi, Sef, Elmo and Julie together with some of the younger crew.  As a form of habit, Julie and Elmo sat beside each other but barely had a topic of their own; it has always been a group conversation tonight. A bottle of Jose Cuervo has been consumed along with a large cup of sliced lemons. The crew began to dance to the delight of their director and producers. It’s good to see these kids having fun.

Sef began dirty dancing with Julie who gave in to the guy’s flirting by dancing too. She looked hot with her hair up in a bun donning only a pair of orange bikinis underneath a black Kaftan-like cover up that was of no use as the material was so thin it covered nothing at all. Elmo watched her and how flushed her skin on the face was as she grinds to the beat. He couldn’t bear the sight so he pulled Lexi up to dance with him too. Julie shot them a glance and felt a stab of protest in her chest. “I should be the one he’s dancing with, not her” she thought to herself. As the song came to an end, they all sat down to drink some more. Elmo bumped into Julie and automatically kissed her shoulder as he said sorry in a very casual manner. Julie was surprised by the kiss but more so by his nonchalance, she figured Elmo must have had a little too much of the tequila so she shrugged it off. Minutes into a couple of shots, Julie felt her back aching. They were all sitting on merely large, brown, throw pillows and though it was fluffy enough to sit on, it was hard for her to sit straight with alcohol destroying her balance. She has been arching her back when Elmo noticed. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just a little tipsy and my back’s aching. I want a proper chair with a back rest.” She answered.

“Here, sit in front of me so you can lean.” Elmo offered as their group teased.

“No thanks.”

“Why are you so conscious ba? I’m doing you a favor na nga eh”


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